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12 ways Bodhi will help members form healthy business habits



As with most things in life, developing healthy habits are the building blocks to building a successful life.

If you want to learn or master anything, it is simply about making small incremental improvements, consistently, for a sustained period of time.

  • You can’t simply brush your teeth perfectly for an hour every week. It's about brushing your teeth 5 minutes everyday.
  • One high intensity workout out at the weekend is great, but pails in comparison to 10 minutes a day.

When it comes to growing a business, the same consistent step-by-step approach must be taken.

Hours of productive work must to be done day after day, week after week, month after month; and for most of us, it is this consistency (not the work) which causes issue and eventually the demise of our companies and/or projects.

I believe the reason why most businesses fail, is not due to the actual problem which causes the demise, but the lack of energy on behalf of the owner to face said problem. He or she (in that moment) simply ran out of steam.

To maintain focus and direction when growing a business takes a considerable amount of mental energy. 

To grow a business, structured steps must be taken efficiently and consistently.

How Do I Form Healthy Business Habits?

For me, a successful life is one of balance.

The Bodhi Co-working a space will be the culmination of years of travel and working online where I had the privilege of working in 97 of Co-Working spaces around the world. 

From a cup of tea in Sri Lanka to yoga in India, a bowl of Pho in Vietnam to a lunch time walk on the beach in Bali, it is amazing how small things done daily can make all the difference to productivity overall.

And when 1 productive day becomes two, and two becomes a week,
habits, mindset, life and your business will begin to click.

Below are 12 simple things I aim to offer all members of Bodhi. 

Each one works around the simple concept, that if you can make small incremental improvements to your sleep, diet, exercise and business, those incremental improvements will quickly compound until, not only will you have built a successful business, but a successful life.

“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day-in and day-out.”

Robert Collier Author

robert collier

12 ways Bodhi will help members improve their mental and physical health, life and business.

weekly accountability meeting

1. Structure & Accountability

We use apps, we make lists, we brain storm on big boards - anything to try and create, see and keep us focused on our vision - but’s it's tough.

It is very hard to stay clear and focused when working for weeks and months on a business or project and it can be very, very easy to fall into the trap of working to feel busy, rather than working on what needs to get done.

I will be very engaged with all Bodhi members to talk ideas, create structure and help each member stay on track. With over 10 years of branding and marketing experience - weekly accountability meetings will be part and parcel of your time in Bodhi.

Structure, direction and accountability is paramount to business success.

Each week we will discuss what needs to be done and develop steps to help you move you forward.

I will always be on hand, keeping you focused and on track.

podcast studio westport

2. A Podcast & Youtube Studio with Content Creation Interviews

Bodhi will have a comfortable podcast and youtube studio which all members can avail of.

More importantly, however, as part of your membership I will be conducting interviews with you regularly.

These Interviews will help you:

  • Develop and spread your story.
  • Help you gain traction and followers.
  • Help grow your social media following .
  • Teach you to enjoy the process of growth.
  • Help you become comfortable in front of a camera.
  • Help get your own name out there.
  • Grow your business.

Every business has a story and marketing in todays world has very much become about bringing people along on that story. 

Companies no longer advertise their products directly as much as tell their story. Getting used to being in front of the camera and sharing your story will be enormously beneficial to you and your company.

It is something I wish someone pushed me to do when I was younger and I regret not doing it more.

Whether we share your content or not, regular interviews will be conducted to help you: 

  • Keep your vision clear in your head
  • Help you develop your elevator pitch.
  • Help you become comfortable, confident and clear talking about your business.

3. Smoothies

Glass half-full of course! 🙂

Give your body and mind a kick with a daily dose of fruits, vegetables and seeds in a glass.

From blueberry smoothies on a Monday to help kickstart your brain after the weekend to banana smoothies on a Wednesday to help keep you energised and focused as the mid-week slump kicks in. 

A glass of goodness arriving at your desk is a great way to keep your system healthy, hunger at bay and the brain sharp at certain times of the day and week.

Simple, yet incredibly effective.

fish oils

4. Vitamins & Fish Oils

The cost of vitamins and omega oils have come down dramatically over the years. 

We all throw vitamins into our trolleys from time to time but I feel for most of us, it doesn’t become a healthy habit.

We also don’t attune our vitamins to our bodies or seasons, such as taking iron tablets during the summer or vitamin D tablets during the Winter (especially here in the West of Ireland)

They will be on your tray, beside your tea.

Throw them into you and get on with your work.

filter coffee

5. Coffee

Yes, coffee. 

Whether good habit or bad, we are all addicted.

For many of us, we feel we can’t function in the morning without one. For many more (including myself) my coffee after lunch is very much needed for the last part of the day.

A coffee machine will of course be on offer, but when I'm in the office (which will be most days) a pot of freshly brewed coffee will be rounding the office at apt times of the day to push members and offer kicks in a cup when needed.

infused water

6. Infused Water

When it comes to water, I will simply be on hand to encourage.

I don’t think I have to state the endless health benefits of drinking water.

When it comes to handling stress, staying hydrated is paramount.

However, sometimes plain water can be hard to drink.

One little trick which helps me drink that little bit, more is infusing my water.

Infused water also has great benefits such as helping control appetite, aiding your immune system, regulating your sugar levels and weight management.

It's also a great and easy way to sneak a few more nutrients into your diet from foods which are slightly awkward to eat such as lemon, cinnamon, mint, cucumber, basil or watermelon.

Increase your metabolism, boost your energy and stay hydrated with infused water on hand in the office.

stretching in office

7. Exercise & Stretch Bands

I do not believe I will be able to offer any inhouse exercise classes in my first Bodhi Co-working space, although, I'm sure regular activities such as group walks and hikes will be arranged. 

When it comes to exercise in Bodhi my main offer will be one of a feeling of comfort OR a lack of embarrassment 😀

If your coffee kicks in you feel like dropping to the floor and doing a few press-up then do them! - I will be!

I'm hoping if I'm doing jumping jacks in my office, then you guys will feel comfortable to do the same.

Stretch Bands will be on offer in the office and members will be encouraged to routinely use them. They are the perfect exercise for people who sit for long periods.

The most common issue and pain people have is tension in the shoulders. This is simply due to the perfect storm of bad posture and the common area where most people carry stress.

Getting up, walking around and spending a few minutes using a stretch band every day is all it takes to stop those shoulders from tightening up and becoming sore.

foot rest in office

8. Foot Rest(s)

Again, so simple and yet very few spaces on my travels utilised feet rests.

The change of angle allows the calf muscles to relax and frees up tension moving up through the body. When it comes to sitting for prolonged hours, it’s all about circulation and every little helps.

Feet rests provide significant ergonomic relief and greatly ease leg and lower back pains, encourage better posture and again thereby good circulation. 

Feet rests also make it easier to go from sitting to standing to help you not become to lazy and "stuck" to your chair 🙂

It’s a small help, but anything to combat back pain is a must for my perfect desk set up. 

green tea

9. Tea

True teas, such as black, green and Oolong tea as well as Herbals teas have endless health benefits with green tea being one of the healthiest drinks on earth.

Teas are loaded with antioxidants and nutrients and are now quite cheap.

Drinking a few cups of green tea daily improves brain function, increases fat loss, reduces the risk of cancer, diabetes and heart disease and also has many, many other impressive health benefits.

We all know this and yet we don’t do it.

It will arrive at your desk as you work, just throw it into you.

The small kick of caffeine will also give you a well-timed kick after lunch.


10. Nuts, Grains & Seeds

Nuts, Grains & Seeds are incredibly healthy with a ridiculous amount of health benefits.

Yes, a little expensive and awkward to eat daily, but we must.

Nuts are high in protein and antioxidants, they lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol. Nuts reduce the risk of heart disease, help you feel full, contain valuable nutrients, such as magnesium, copper and vitamin E, are high in fibre and aid in weight loss! 

They are an amazing food.

Keep your body, heart, circulatory system and mind balanced each day.

The amazing thing is, you only need a handful!

11. Positivity

Positivity is infectious. 

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

Jim Rohn Motivational Speaker

Jim Rohn

Bodhi will be a comfortable work space and one I hope each member will enjoy working in. The aim of Bodhi will be to develop an ethos which will encourage and teach each member to enjoy the process of growing themselves and their business'.

By being surrounded by like minded, ambitious people, we can all learn, grow and share in that positive energy.

For me positive energy is like a drug and I hope to instil this positivity in every Bodhi member.

mahabis slippers

12. Slippers

Last but not least - Slippers!

Another item every full time member will receive as part of their starter packs will be office slippers.

Why wear uncomfortable shoes for 8 hours when not necessary.

As mentioned, blood flow and circulation are extremely important.

A cup of green tea and toes free to wiggle can be just what the body and mind needs to push through an extra hour or so in the evening.

Your slippers will be under your desk when you need them and you wont feel silly as I'll be wearing mine 🙂

Now Taking Applications

Bodhi Co-working Space will be opening on June, 2020. If you have a project or business you are committed to grow in 2020, get in touch. We will arrange a coffee and discuss if the space and my services are right for you.
I look forward to hearing from you.

About the author 

Paul Feeney

Paul Feeney is a Brand Manager, SEO Specialist, Marketer and Designer who helps businesses increase traffic, attract more visitors, convert leads and close sales.

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