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5 Foundational Elements Needed To Build Any Business



If business a) has a great service or product,
and business b) has a marketing department, 
business b) will win every time.

For a business to succeed it must be more than the products and services it sells.

The connection a business has with its customer is paramount to its success.

Creating this connection can be difficult, but that is marketing - creating a connection.

– Marketing is an attempt to create a connection with a customer.
– Marketing is working towards a perfect brand image.
– Marketing is the creation of a connection that not only results in a sale, but cements customer loyalty.

So, how do we do this?

Where most businesses falter is NOT in marketing itself, but in failing to realise that marketing tactics that are themselves not connected, will always fail.

This is why I specialise in "closed-loop" marketing.

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  • Most businesses post on social media.
  • Most businesses have a website.
  • Some businesses utilise their website's blog.
  • Some businesses utilise Facebook advertising.

However, very few businesses have their marketing strategies linked together.

It is by linking a company's Facebook and website, traffic and blog, ads and email marketing where real success lies.

If you boost a post on Facebook which doesn't send traffic or customers to your website, you are simply “boosting” a post. It gets boosted, more people see it and that’s it.

Once your money is spent and post boosted you have to boost another and another, again and again and again. This is not a sustainable marketing strategy.

Below are 5 powerful marketing elements every business should link together to create the foundation of a successful business.

This system, when built, will take on a life of its own and continue to grow your business for years to come, continuously, forever, for free.

So, where do we start?
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Over 80% of all search queries happen on smartphones. This is why it is imperative your website be designed for this screen and be designed in such a way to load quickly, display information clearly and be easy to navigate.

1. SEO & SEO Blogging

We start by getting “cold customer” to your business.

A cold customer is someone who has had no prior interaction with your business

We begin by increasing your customer base.

We increase your customer base by increasing the ranking of your website.

The number one way to increase your website's ranking is ‘Blogging‘.

Your website's blog is still where Google will check first to see what is happening with your company. Having no recent activity hampers your attempts at rising in Google's rankings.

To get your business to the first page of Google we must add relevant, long-tailed, keyword-rich articles to your blog informing and exciting the world of what is happening in your business.

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2. Web Design

Your website must be fast loading and mobile-friendly

Your website should be the foundation of your business. Your website should be a 24/7, 365 receptionist and salesperson all rolled into one.

A good website should be constantly generating leads for your business.

All other forms of marketing rest upon the foundation of a well designed, well maintained, regularly updated, fast loading, mobile responsive website.

Your brand is the connection between your business and customer.

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Your brand is the formed connection between your business image and customer

3. Brand Development

After months of work, we are now seeing more and more “cold customers” arriving on your website. However, all of this work will fall short if your website does not have a brand which connects with these new customers.

Your website must pull the customer into the world of your business, your ethos, your style and showcase what YOU are trying to do.

Why your business is special, why your business is unique and worth a visit.

If the website is boring and simply lists your services, all of our efforts to get that all-important page one on Google will have been in vain.

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Email marketing is still the No.1 marketing tactic for increasing sales.

4. Email Marketing

Traffic has increased, the website is mobile responsive, a strong brand to help form connections has been built – Now what?

If we don’t capture the interest of your online customer, the whole closed-loop marketing system will again fall short.

This is where the number 1 online sales tactic comes into play – email marketing. Email marketing is still by far the best-selling tool for any business. Social media is great for what it does, but the conversion rates on Social Media from followers to customers is still extremely low.

Whereas the conversion rates in email marketing from subscribers to customers is incredibly high.

Your website must have an inbuilt email capture system to funnel visitors to specific sales pages where we encourage sign-ups and more.

Once this system is added to your website it can convert visitors to potential customers forever.

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Social Media Management is a great way to converse and engage with a growing customer base, but most importantly it is a great platform to direct customers to where we want them to be.

5. Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing, especially Facebook is very powerful. However, Facebook has managed to trick many a business owner by keeping them blinded by the fast-paced engagement which can occur.

An owner posts a picture and people see it or like it. The owner sees this and believes that THIS is growing their business. Post something funny on Facebook and you receive immediate gratification. Perhaps you even boost your post for €5. However, if all of this boosting, sharing and engagement remains within the walls of Facebook – you are missing the point.

You cannot grow a business on the foundation of Facebook (or any Social Media platform) alone. You CAN grow a business on the foundation of a website.

  • If your website is number 1 on Google you WILL see an increase in revenue (guaranteed)
  • If your email subscriber lists are in the hundreds and growing you WILL see an increase in revenue (guaranteed)

However, if your business has 1,000's of followers on Facebook or Twitter – will this guarantee sales and a steady increase in revenue? No, it will not.

Most business owners know this deep down, but don’t want to admit it – Why?

  • Because increasing a site's ranking in Google is hard.
  • Growing an email marketing list is hard.
  • Creating a brand is hard.

A business owner feels in control of their marketing on Facebook. They see the likes and shares and feel like they are doing something. But folks, this is not marketing – this is just social media.

Marketing IS difficult. It takes strategy, design, analytics and more. But it is in this difficulty where the opportunity lies.

While every business in the world is focusing on Facebook, you will be focusing on what works – closed-loop marketing.

You can start implementing each of the above strategies. In time, when someone in your area searches for the services your business provides your website will pop up.

Your website will look great on their phone and the brand looks well – Sold! – a customer from nothing. They arrive at your business, you encourage them to check-in, sign up or offer a review on yelp using in-house sales tactics. This encourages more and more people online to find and come to your business.

This upwards spiralling marketing system is what transforms businesses into brands.

And when that happens your competitor with 1,000's of Facebook fans won’t stand a chance. Hell, Facebook could be gone, we don’t know, but the internet isn’t going anywhere.

A business, business owner and business staff can only work so hard. There is a ceiling to the potential growth of a business. A BRAND does not have a ceiling. A brand can go global, a brand can spread further than a business. A brand has the potential for unlimited growth.

If you are a serious business owner then you need to begin slowly transforming your business into a brand.

Do not try and perfect your business but rather develop and establish your brand.

A brand is where customer loyalty lies and customer loyalty is where true business success is built.

Interested in taking that first step towards true business success?
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