December 2

Want to Build An Online Yoga Business? Come to Westport!



Want to build an online Yoga Business?
Want to build an online Personal Training Business?

2020 sucked!

And I'm not being negative but I do not think 2021 will be much different.

We will probably have lockdowns

We will probably have to work from home

The economy will decline slowly.

But!... what has gone through the roof since Covid is ANYTHING Online.

Amazon, eBay, Online Courses, Home DIY - sales related to staying active at home have skyrocketed!

Yes, Move to Westport! 

I don't know about you guys, but I got SUPER bored during that last lockdown.

If our main past-time in 2021 will once again be our WORK! Well then at least let's make what we are working on something we are passionate about!

Work with life-changing potential that will keep us motivated during the inevitable lockdowns of 2021!

If.. you are a Yoga teacher 

and you want to build your online Yoga Business in 2021

how to build yoga course online mayo ireland


if... you are a Personal Trainer

and you want to build your online Personal Training Business in 2021

how to build personal training course online mayo ireland

This is the opportunity for you!?

Because what do you need to build a successful online business?
  • The Right Strategy
  • Beautiful on-point Branding
  • A conversion-led Website
  • Sales Pages designed to convert leads to sales
  • A solid online marketing system set up from start to finish
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Email Marketing
  • A CRM system to keep track of everything
  • Your business registered and lessons in Tax and invoicing and all that jazz
  • and much, much more

Well, I offer all of that!

how to build yoga course online mayo ireland

Want to shake things up in 2021 and build your own personal online yoga or personal training business?

how to build personal training course online mayo ireland

Want to have financial freedom to allow yourself to work from anywhere? 

but.. what do you REALLY need to build an online business?


  • If you have no clients,
  • then you can't pay rent,
  • if you can't pay rent,
  • you have to continue working
  • If you have to continue working you have less time and energy to build your online business!

But what if you could combine it all in one genius move 😉

I am looking for 2 ambitious flatmates who want to make 2021 their year and build their respective online businesses!

If you want to shake things up in 2021.
How about you move to the (voted) best town to live in Ireland - Westport!
And we make 2021 a year to becoming healthier, happier and financially free!

Intrigued? Interested? Have some questions?!

Of course you do!

Get in touch today!
Email hello(at) / Facebook / Instagram / WhatsApp - 0894118014


About the author 

Paul Feeney

Paul Feeney is a Brand Manager, SEO Specialist, Marketer and Designer who helps businesses increase traffic, attract more visitors, convert leads and close sales.

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