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Let's Build Your Website

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About this course

This course ‘Let’s Build Your Website’ is designed and structured to help ‘us’ write, design and build your website.

For convenience, I have broken down each element of a well-designed, conversion led website into 10 separate modules.

Answering the questions in each module will help me design and build another section of your website.

Offer well-thought-out answers – you get a well-thought-out (and well-designed) website.

The better your answers, the better your website!

Let’s get started!


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Course Structure

11 Lessons

Let's Build Your Website

This course 'Let's Build Your Website' covers the 10 main components to consider when building a solid website.

Remember: You are NOT designing your website.
The goal of this course is for you to collate as much relevant information as you can pertaining to your business. This information is used by me to design your website on your behalf.

The more in-depth and detailed the information you research, consider, gather and present, the better your website will be!


This course is designed to guide you through 10 of the most effective design elements you need to consider when building a solid lead-conversion website.

The Header

The header of your website must convey the most important aspect(s) of your business in seconds. With a quick glance, the viewer should understand:
a) What your company does. 
b) What your company offers.
c) How they do business with you.

Your Value Proposition

The value proposition is a design element which explains to the viewer the main benefits of your company in a simple, clear and concise form.



Once the interest of your viewer is peaked, your potential customer will begin to contemplate IF they wanted to do business with you, how would they do that?


Developing a "testimonial gathering system" is as important as the testimonials themselves. No matter what we are buying we always have doubts. Testimonials, case studies and reviews are a great way to alleviate potential customers' concerns and close that all-important gap between closing a sale and not closing a sale.


This lesson covers a very simple and effective element to add to your website - the logo carousel.

The Proof Statement

Once a feeling of trust is created, the viewer will want to know more. This offers us an opportunity to explain in more detail the benefits of your company.


This lesson will guide you through what is needed to develop a great company marketing video.

The Stakes

If your product or service is a premium product or service which has a costly price point we need to explain to the viewer the cost of NOT buying your product or service.


It is well known within the advertising and marketing industry that buying frequency and individual spend increases when you offer customers more than one buying option.

The Footer

As explained in lesson 1, The Header, the goal of your website's header is to explain in a simple and clear manner what it is your company does. Nothing in your header should distract the viewer from this goal. This means all 'other' information which does not pertain to helping us achieve this goal should be placed in your website's footer.