November 19

It’s time to Get Paid For What You Already Know!

Online Marketing


What a great video!

It perfectly outlines the power and potential of the hugely growing "knowledge Industry"!

The problem with this video, however, (which sells a course for $1,997) is that this is all it sells - a "course".

Tony Robbins (whom I love) explains so well so the power of having

  • the right course,
  • the right mentor
  • the right coach!

But, while courses, mentors and coaches are incredibly powerful, I have personally found that most do not live up to their hype when it comes to helping you make money online.

(They make money from you buying their course on how to make money online - and that is about it. )

the knowledge broker ireland

To develop an online marketing system is complex. 

It takes time, money, skill or all three and to buy a course which will magically show you how to become a strategist, an online analyst, a marketer, web designer, copywriter, graphic designer or any of the many other skills you need to build an online marketing system, I feel for most of us, this is a little much...

EVEN THE VIDEO ABOVE! of Tony Robbins selling is an amazing example of online marketing!

  • But to develop the script of what he is saying!
  • to set up the video and sound equipment to shoot that video!,
  • to develop the ads and graphics for the multitude of ads which will run
  • all over the internet; from Facebook to Instagram and more!
  • AND... when you watch this video below you will be followed around the internet by more ads trying to sell you this course! 

What a BRILLIANT online marketing system!

But guys, I can assure you that Tony Robbins did not build that system.

Teams of designers such as myself build them, run them, tweak them and manage them.

I hate to break it to you guys, but Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi are just the faces of this campaign and they have no more understanding of online marketing than anyone else.

So, if you watch the video above and become convinced that it IS time to package your knowledge and skill and offer your services to the world via the powerful medium of online marketing - then that is great!

But how about instead of buying a "course", which tells you what YOU have to do, how about you join my academy and we build it together!

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