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Westport town is a heritage town, has a population of over 6000 and is one of only a few planned towns in Ireland.I am lucky to currently call it home and as a business owner and marketer I would love to get involved in....I recently met with Graham XX of Krem, who has become the new local President of the Westport Chambers of Commerce.

As a marketer, business owner and as someone who has settled in Westport, I would love to get involved in helping this great town become even better.

I found myself pondering how.
So I started with a question 

Q. What are the main issues facing the west of Ireland as a whole?
1. Economic stagnation and unemployment.
2. Lack of housing and infrastructure development.3. Climate change and environmental degradation.4. Poor transportation links.5. Outdated educational systems.6. Aging population.7. Increasing costs of living. 8. Mental health issues.9. Alcohol, drug and gambling problems.10. Social isolation and loneliness.What can we do to combat Economic stagnation and unemployment?1. Invest in infrastructure and job-creation initiatives.2. Increase access to skills training and education.3. Provide incentives for businesses to locate and operate in the West.4. Support emerging industries and entrepreneurs.5. Improve public transportation systems.6. Promote cultural activities and events.7. Invest in youth initiatives.8. Foster collaboration and partnerships between local organizations, businesses and government.9. Create incentives to attract foreign direct investment.10. Encourage responsible tourism.What can we do to combat the Lack of housing and infrastructure development?1. Facilitate the development of affordable housing.2. Invest in infrastructure development and modernization.3. Introduce incentives for private sector investment in housing and infrastructure.4. Encourage public-private partnerships to finance housing and infrastructure projects.5. Improve zoning regulations to incentivize development.6. Create tax incentives for developers.7. Encourage local planning initiatives to ensure housing and infrastructure needs are met.8. Introduce rent control and tenancy rights.9. Create incentives for energy-efficient buildings.10. Support public-sector housing initiatives.What are the best job-creation initiatives?1. Invest in renewable energy projects.2. Promote the development of small businesses.3. Support local businesses with tax incentives.4. Invest in technology, digital infrastructure and incubators.5. Create job-training and apprenticeship programs.6. Introduce tax breaks for companies that hire locally.7. Support start-ups and entrepreneurs.8. Facilitate access to funding and loans for businesses.9. Encourage investment in the tourism sector.10. Create incentives for companies to collaborate and share resources.What are the best ways to promote the development of small businesses?1. Provide grants and funding for start-ups.2. Offer tax breaks to businesses.3. Create incubators and co-working spaces.4. Provide access to mentorship and coaching.5. Offer business advice and resources.6. Provide access to networks and contacts.7. Host workshops and events to educate and connect entrepreneurs.8. Support local business groups and associations.9. Connect entrepreneurs with investors and funding opportunities.10. Offer technical training and advice.

List all the coworking spaces in County Mayo Ireland1. Galway Bay Coworking, Galway 2. Mayo Innovation Hub, Castlebar 3. The Hive, Westport 4. The Hub, Ballina 5. The Village, Claremorris 6. The Hub, Knock 7. The Hub, Ballyhaunis 8. The Workspace, Swinford 9. The Attic, Ballinrobe 10. Mayo Co-working Space, Westport

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