Are You Ready to Take Your Start-Up To The Next Level?!

Tired of working on your own? Need an expert by your side? I am looking for 5 ambitious start-ups ready to take their business' to the next level!

  • Building a business from scratch is expensive, complex and time-consuming.
  • I help by making building and growing your business hassle-free, faster and more affordable.
  • I am looking for 5 driven entrepreneurs who feel NOW is the time to commit to the growth of their business!

Hi, I’m Paul. One of my biggest passions in life is growing businesses.

After years of being a graphic designer, web designer, brand strategist, digital marketer and everything in between, I want to offer 5 start-ups everything I know to help them build successful business'.

irish designer paul feeney

Let Me Implement Into Your Business In Months What It Took Me Years To Learn!

You’ve finally found it! A Co-Working Space and Business Academy run by an experienced marketer who will develop your brand, build your website, craft your online presence and implement marketing tactics to generate constant growth - all at an affordable price!

My name is Paul Feeney. I'm an experienced brand strategist and marketer who specialises in closed-loop marketing systems. I write, design and implement business systems designed to continuously grow an establishment's brand, traffic, SEO, subscriber lists and social media presence and revenue.

I have always worked for myself... 

  • From a brick and mortar print company to...
  • Design and Marketing Agency to...
  • Web and SEO agency to...
  • Travelling the world as a Digital Nomad for 6 years to...
  • Working with International firms in relation to branding, strategy, marketing and sales.

Now... I want to bring everything I have learned under one roof and this "roof" is a Co-Working space called 'Bodhi', based in Westport, Ireland.

I want to help 5 ambitious entrepreneurs find true success offering all the hands-on help, guidance, support, knowledge and mentorship that I never had.

I will implement into your business in months what has taken me a lifetime to learn, taking you and your business to the next level!

As a member of Bodhi you will receive tangible business solutions focusing on innovation and online marketing systems to help your business become scalable! I work with clients contributing to their key business functions through Analytics & Research, Brand Strategy & Marketing, Print Marketing, Software Development, Web Design, Email Marketing and Social Media Management, in each case following a clear objective to add value at every level.

As a Member of Bodhi You Will Receive a Lead-Generating System Designed To Continuously Increase Sales!

Once a member of Bodhi; through analysis, research, 1-2-1 weekly meetings and hands-on-help we will develop your business strategy and brand. At the heart of this brand will be your website.

Everything we do will be aimed at increasing leads and generating income.

Whether leaflet or business card, ad or post, marketing mediums are only tools. All forms of marketing must work together to generate leads and increase sales.

The foundation of your online presence must be a data driven website. Your website must encompass the very core of your brand and generate leads.

Every member's website will be built with unique qualities designed to increase traffic, build email marketing lists and encourage social shares. Your website will be shaped around your newly focused brand, leading your company to future growth and revenue.

This closed-loop marketing system is specifically designed to continuously grow any business.

I Now Want To Share Everything I Learned About Building Business' With You!

After years of travelling and working remotely around the world, I have moved home to Westport, Ireland with a goal to bring everything I have learned about business, marketing and building a balanced lifestyle under one roof.
I want to share all the business knowledge I have accumulated over the past 10 years with fellow ambitious business owners who want to live happy, healthy and financially free lives!

I Can Build Your Business, But How Can I Be So Confident?

I can build your business; but how can I be so confident?

How can I truly say what works and what doesn’t? Because, unlike most marketing managers who work for agencies; they have never had to truly grind and drag themselves up from the bottom.

Not marketing for the sake of "brand awareness" but marketing to truly increase sales! I know and can relate to how hard it is to build a business from nothing.

I have always made money for myself. Having studied Design and Marketing I set up my first company while at University.

I set up my second design company at 22 running it for three years in a brick and mortar fashion.

paul feeney irish digital nomad

At 25 I closed my office, brought my company online and moved to China.

What started as a 3-month experiment turned into a 6-year world trip where I lived and worked in over 22 countries.

During 6 years of consecutive travel, I researched, experimented with, and invested in dozens of online marketing strategies.

The more marketing knowledge I acquired the more it became clear to me that at the heart of a successful business is a solid brand.

I realised I had to offer my clients more than simply “marketing” solutions.

To grow my client' company's, I had to manage everything - I had to manage and develop their brand!

As A Bodhi Member What Do I Get?

I work with global firms as a one-man marketing department.
Below is a small selection of some of overarching skills I have acquired throughout my career.

Strategy Planning

Every business must have a vision and clear strategy to achieve it. 


Your brand is your everything!
A clear message, your style, your attitude and ethos!

Web Solutions

A website should be the foundation of a business, not a finishing touch.


Skyrocket sales by being ranked page 1 on Google search results.

Sales Pages

Automated sales pages designed to increase sales are a must.

Social Media Marketing

A strong connection to your customers is vital to success. 

SEO Blogging

No other form of marketing has the ability to skyrocket a business' sales more than an increase in organic traffic.


An E-commerce website is an extremely powerful tool and one with endless potential.

Customer Analytics

Gathering and analysing customer data is paramount in todays online business world.


Copywriting that grabs attention, informs, entices and creates action.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is still the No.1 way to close sales from existing clients.

Support & Accountability

When you get stuck, tired, lose track, or lose faith, I'll be right there beside you to help!

Video Marketing

Access to a Podcast Studio with strategy, structure and copywriting help from myself.

Investment Guidance

Growing a business and growing a business for investment are not the same thing.

Graphic Design

I have always been a graphic designer. All visual elements of your brand designed to the highest of standards.

Do You Want To Build A Successful Business And Life!?

  • A Successful Business! 
    One that operates and steadily grows without constant input from you - the business owner. 
  • A Successful Life! (as a business owner)
    Achieving financial freedom to work and live a balanced lifestyle.

What if there was a Business Academy & Co-Working Space were the very purpose of that space was your success?

I truly understand the gift and curse of being an entrepreneur. Until you find success with your idea, book, project or business you are never at peace.

To achieve this elusive 'success' we work hard, but sometimes in the process damage ourselves - our bodies, our minds, even our relationships.

On our path to success, we often detour down roads of obesity, fatigue and stress. We work harder and harder developing unhealthy habits in the hope that one day we will reach success and achieve inner peace.

The danger with this path is of course:
1) What if you don't make it? You may have damaged the one thing you should take most care of - You.
2) Perhaps, when you do make it, you have damaged yourself too much in the process.

This path to success is called life and we cannot squander our health for wealth.

We have one life; so our path to business success must be structured, focused and balanced.

What if you could work in an environment where you knew week by week, month by month you moved closer to your business goals, enjoyed the process and were constantly surrounded by love, support and motivation? 

Enjoying the environment you work in and people you work with while making progress towards your business goals is a powerful environment to work in.

When many people are working towards the same goal it creates synergy. It brings everyone closer to hitting their goals, developing successful business' and more importantly successful lives.

Is NOW the time?
Is NOW YOUR time? 
Do you want to build a successful business?
Do you want an optimised website, focused message across all mediums and energised online presence from online to email to social media all built upon a clear and concise brand?!


Co-Working, CONSULTANCY & business academy

By Brand Strategist Paul Feeney

I am opening my first Co-Working & Consultancy Space in Westport, Ireland and I'm looking for 5 ambitious entrepreneurs determined to build a successful business and life.

My Co-Working space will bring together everything I have learned as an entrepreneur, digital nomad, business owner and marketer.

The Co-Working & Consultancy Space, (called Bodhi) will be a space where work and life are in unison. It will be an environment which encourages and supports its member's ambition and drive.

My aim and the overall aim of Bodhi will be to help members strike a perfect balance between profits, peace of mind and peak physical condition.

Todays' entrepreneurs and employees should not settle for a desk and computer, nor should they have to. Where you spend most of your day should be an uplifting space where each member feels a part of something bigger.

Bodhi will be a collaborative world of entrepreneurial spirit, drive and ambition where it will be my personal mission to help members in all aspects of life - from social to health to work.

balance between diet work and exercise
  • 1
    Hands-On Help: As a member of Bodhi you will receive active participation from myself to help build and grow your business.
  • 2
    Support & Mentorship: Building a business is stressful - I know. I will always be on hand to offer support, strategy and guidance to ensure you stay on track and move step-by-step towards personal success.
  • 3
    Marketing: With me by your side you have access to a full marketing department. All elements needed to grow your business will be at your disposal. 

Clients I've Worked With Over The Years

“A savvy marketer and intuitive brand strategist...”

Paul seems to have a sixth sense for what a brand needs to reinvigorate it. His experience in branding, business strategy and market research combined with his unique way of energising the people he works with makes him an outstanding marketer to work with. A savvy marketer and intuitive brand strategist, Paul has been a stellar agency partner who cuts through the usual branding B.S. and delivers work that transforms businesses.”

Philip VanDusen
- International Brand Strategist, Verhaal Brand Design

“branding beyond our expectations."

"We needed to develop a brand that could be utilised across all marketing. Paul not only delivered...but made it extensible and dynamic with the future in mind. His ability to understand our company’s message lead to the realisation of our corporate branding beyond our expectations".

William Lyons
- Marketing Manager, Shimmer Research

“It is great to work with such a professional..."

“Paul has developed numerous marketing strategies for us over the years and is an absolute pleasure to work with. Paul is amazingly creative; gets a good understanding of our needs and always delivers a creative solution which has ‘wowed’ our customers. It is great to work with such a professional".

Mike McGrath
- Founder of and etendering expert with the European Commission

Apply To Bodhi Today! 

The time has come! It's time to think big, move your business online and begin making some serious money!

I am looking for 5 ambitious start-ups to take a seat within my Co-Working & Consultancy Work Space based in Westport, Ireland.

Through weekly meetings, hands-on help, support and accountability, being a member of Bodhi will be a game-changer for your business and life.

irish designer paul feeney

Paul Feeney
Founder of Bodhi

If you feel that NOW is the time to start making money online apply to The Bodhi Business Academy today.

Clients I've Worked With Over The Years

“Paul's ability to .. distil (our) message ... into a simple, clear and concise .. website was astounding...."

"Paul's ability to work with managers around the world and distil the message, services, products and industries of our 50-year-old company into a simple, clear and concise global website was astounding. He not only redefined how we saw our brand and future role of marketing within SSI but the very way in which we see and use inhouse and online sales systems, our overall growth strategy for the company and marketing in general as an integral process in the future growth of Survival Systems in the UK and globally."

James Dodgson
- Business Development Manager, Eastern Hemisphere, Survival Systems International

"Paul’s hands on approach exactly what a business needs..."

"Paul’s hands on approach to marketing and growing a business is exactly what a business needs in todays fast paced world of digital marketing".

Martijn Moret
- Founder Of AirFi Operations, Asia

“His passion ... is contagious...."

"We have no hesitation in recommending Paul to anyone looking for business development which will truly reflect who they are. His passion and ability to inspire is contagious within an organisation".

Clare O'Mahony
- Marketing Manager, Credit Union

"Paul is an exceptional marketer..."

"Paul is an exceptional marketer who truly understands what it takes to build a brand. He was able to guide us through our new product launch strategy from discovery stage to launch stage with success at every milestone".  

Martina Donohue
- Marketing Manager, Verisense Technologies
paul feeney
Paul Feeney

Founder of Bodhi

About Me

I have always chased "success". Growing older, my understanding of what this means has changed.
In my early twenties it meant having money
In my mid-twenties it meant having freedom.
Now, in my mid-thirties it means having purpose

I have come to realise that doing something you love, challenging yourself, helping others and working in an environment which encourages, supports and motivates are core ingredients to living a balanced lifestyle. 

But Paul, I Can't Just Up And Move To Westport!

If you want to take your business idea to the next level, but don't live in or near Westport, this may seem like a big move. However, you must ask yourself how serious are you about your project, idea or business? 

Bodhi is not your average Co-Working space. I am not offering you the monthly renting of desks. From the moment you enter Bodhi, it will be my aim to build your build.

Unlike every other Co-Working Space, Bodhi is built on reputation. The faster I bring you success, the faster I grow.

The success of your business is intrinsically linked to the success of my business!

or check out The Bodhi Business Academy

A Co-Working Space Where You Are Not A Member, But A Client!

  • Focus, Clarity & Confidence
  • Personal Growth & Energy
  • Market & Customer Analysis
  • Resources & Networking
  • Web Design, Marketing & Sales Support
  • Encouragement & Accountability
  • Branding Design
  • Weekly 1-2-1 Business Meetings
  • Bespoke Business Planning
  • Access to Podcast Studio
  • Social Media Management
  • Graphic Design Services
  • Copywriting
  • and much, much more!

If you feel that NOW is the time to take your business to the next level apply to Bodhi today.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If your business does not grow during your time in Bodhi I will offer you a prompt refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How does the Weekly Meetings Work?

What do you mean by 'Accountability'?

What are the goals of 'Bodhi' members?

How many members will Bodhi have?

P.S. This is an introductory offer. The pricing for Bodhi membership will increase after the first round of membership have been qualified.

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